The One who was Forgotten…
At the dawn of the creation, when the immortal powers of creation completed their work, a brutal war erupted. The forces of the chaos rose up to wrestle the jewels that were the mortal realms from the hands of the gods. Titans clashed in the halls of the Astral City where finally the great Dragon Ao was slain; from the two halves of his carcass came the Celestial dragon Bahamut, and the Chromatic Dragon Tiamat. A wrath fell on the hordes as the great dragon-gods laid waste to their enemies, in so doing; the astral kingdoms were likewise set a flame. Though the gods had won, and the mortal realms sparred, the gods were without their “father” and the two halves of his body were filled with hate for the other. The throne of heaven was empty… the gods now scattered.
Somewhere in a dark corner forgotten by all, lay one ancient and forgotten god who quietly revelled in the conflict he had wrought, for now that his brother was at last sundered in two, no one would remember his name.

Gates of the Obliette